Hurricane Florence smashed into the Coast of the Carolinas with powerful winds and left catastrophic floods that have thousands of residents displaced and in need.  As always, CC International will be organizing college and university-based volunteer teams to assist communities and families impacted by this historic disaster. The recovery will be a long and difficult process and we need as many winter and spring alt break volunteers as possible to lend a hand. Please consider organizing and sending a team of volunteers to respond to this catastrophe. 


Volunteer Facility Location

Over the next few weeks, the CC International Advance Team will be meeting with First-Responders, Long-Term Recovery Groups, and Community Service Organizations in communities impacted by the storm to determine where volunteers are needed most and where to locate our Volunteer Facility We expect to start deploying volunteer teams in November.

If you are considering sending a volunteer team please complete the Volunteer Team Sign Up Form so we know how many volunteers to prepare for.

CC International  Volunteer Facilities always meet or exceed Red Cross Standards for a temporary evacuation shelter and provide:

  • A safe and comfortable place to sleep

  • Clean and sanitary showers and bathroom

  • Recreation Space

  • Internet Access

  • Meeting space

  • Clean and sanitary food service



Each day volunteers will be served breakfast and pack a brown bag lunch before departing to their project site. A hot nutritious dinner will be served each evening. Vegetarian options are available for each meal, refrigerator space is available to store personal food for those with special dietary needs. 



Our top priority is providing direct relief to individuals and families that have been displaced by the storm. In addition, local community organizations, such as food banks and after school programs, struggle to meet the increased needs of their clients and constituents during these difficult times. Many of these organizations and their staff members have suffered direct impact from the flood.  CC International volunteer teams  will help these organizations serve their constituents and get back on their feet.

Project Service Fee

The project service fee covers the cost of lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, project coordination, tools, safety equipment, project supplies, and insurance. $38.00 per person per day. All volunteer teams need to have their own transportation. Fill out a Volunteer Team Sign Up Form to get started.