Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Update September, 2018

CC International is going to be focusing efforts in the Fayetteville, Wilmington and New Bern, North Carolina. Over the next few weeks, the CC International Advance Team will be deciding where to locate our Volunteer Facility. We expect to start deploying volunteer teams in November. Click to read more about sending a team of volunteers to North Carolina

Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Announcement September, 2018

Hurricane Florence smashed into the Coast of the Carolinas with powerful winds and left catastrophic floods that have thousands of residents displaced and in need. The recovery will be a long and difficult process and we need as many winter and spring alt break volunteers as possible to lend a hand.  Click to read more about sending a team of volunteers to respond to this catastrophe.

Biloxi, Mississippi Report August, 2018

This newsletter is filled with stories and quotes from our student volunteers reflecting on the work that they completed this year with CCI.

Puerto Rico Report May, 2018

Students dedicating their time off to working with communities in need bucks the labels and stereotypes of selfishness thrown at young people. And it’s part of a larger trend in the United States that’s slowly grown over the past 25 years: students using time off to serve in a way that builds community engagement, empathy, and leadership.  Read about the importance of service and its impact on Puerto Rico.

Volunteer Season Report April, 2018

Community Collaborations International Volunteers have been working hard domestically and internationally over their alternative spring breaks.  With 1,269 volunteers from 36,050 participating universities on the ground in Puerto Rico, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, California, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala.


Winter Break Report March, 2018

Community Collaborations Volunteers have been working hard these past few months in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Mississippi!  In the months of December, January, February alone our teams have completed over 2,172 volunteer hours!