Community Collaborations International has been sending volunteers to Puerto Rico for the past 7 years and we are to doing whatever we can to support our partners who need our volunteer teams more than ever.  Our partners at Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico have transformed themselves into distribution center for fresh water and supplies, our friends at Cabezas de San Juan Environmental Preserve are putting their resources to work clearing down trees and helping their neighbors. Everyone is doing what they can to make the best of a desperate situation and we want to get there as soon as we can to lend a hand.


Our first volunteer teams will be heading to Puerto Rico in December and we have many teams following them during winter and spring break. We encourage all of our partners in the alternative break community to consider sending a winter or spring break team.

We are also launching Summer of Service (SOS) Puerto Rico

SOS Puerto Rico will take place during the entire summer 2018 school break. We are building capacity between now and then and would like to put 100 to 200 volunteers to work on projects each week this summer.

The road to recovery will be long but we will be with our partners through the process.  Please take a moment to watch the video below from our Volunteer Coordinator in Puerto Rico

We are recruiting volunteer teams to come to Puerto Rico and help with recovery and we are asking those who cannot volunteer to make a donation towards our efforts.

Project Goals

  • Help families rebuild their homes and provide desperately needed building supplies and other necessities for families struggling without flood insurance and limited government support
  • Support Boy's and Girl's Clubs and HeadStart Programs with tutoring and school repair
  • Help restore the devastated environment and parks that are vital to the ecosystem and economy of Puerto Rico
  • Bring skilled labor to the recovery effort starting in summer 2018

Volunteer Food, Lodging and Project Coordination

CC International provides all food, lodging and project coordination so that your volunteer team can focus on completing projects. Volunteers will stay in volunteer facilities that have been inspected and approved by CCI.  CCI provides all transportation once volunteer teams have arrived in Puerto Rico (Flights to Puerto Rico are not included in the Project Service Fee)

  • Safe and clean sleeping areas
  • Clean and functional bathroom facilities
  • Showers
  • Sanitary food services
  • Access to medical support
  • Onsite communications
  • Electricity
  • Fresh water


The tourism sector of Puerto Rico is incredibly important to the people who live there, all of our volunteers will participate in a tourist activity to support Puerto Rico's tourism sector.  The recreational activity is included in the Project Service Fee.