Grassroots Environmental Advocacy in a Developing Country

Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a unique heritage.   This FieldWorks project will introduce team members to the local Vietnamese NGO community and their efforts to preserve this beautiful country.


The two-week project has been developed in collaboration with Danang University, GreenViet Environmental Center, Danang River Watch, Action for the City and other local environmentally focused NGOs working in Central Vietnam.


Dr. Thi Kihn Kieu, Doctor of Environmental Management, Kyoto University (Focus: Education for Sustainable Development) is the FieldWork lead investigator for the project.


FieldWork team members will learn about the challenges of NGOs in a developing country like Vietnam and explore how Vietnamese people are dealing with environmental issues on a grassroots level.


They will work side by side with leaders in environmental preservation and sustainable development in two diverse communities. The first week will focus on Danang, Vietnam’s third largest city trying to balance economic development with tourism, fishing, and environmental concerns. The second week will focus on Hoi An an important cultural and environmental resource with a thriving tourist industry that depends on a healthy environment.

As is true of all FieldWork Projects, relationship building is a key element with the goal of continued cooperation and collaboration with these great NGOs into the future.

With outstanding achievements in science research, training and international cooperation, the University of Danang (UD) is truly a center of innovation and creation
— Ted Osius, the United States Ambassador to Vietnam, September, 2017.

Dates: June 30 – July 13

Credit: 1 academic credit at the University of Danang

Project Implementation Timeline


Project Detailed Itinerary

Danang University 2.jpg

June 30 (Saturday) FieldWork Team Members will arrive at Danang International Airport and will be greeted by staff and transferred to University of Danang . Once all participants have arrived they will be assigned dorm rooms and have dinner.


July 1 (Sunday) Breakfast at University dining hall with local students. Detailed orientation of the project. Explore local area and Danang waterfront and beaches. Welcome dinner buffet of Vietnamese Street Food and introduction to local customs and etiquette.

river watch students on bikes.jpg

July 2 (Monday) Water sampling project with Danang River Watch (a local NGO) travel by bicycle to river sampling location and take samples. Afternoon: Sample analysis at the university lab.


July 3 (Tuesday) Site Visit to Khanh Son landfill.

Afternoon: Discussion of community recycling and waste management issues and opportunities



July 4 and July 5 (Wednesday and Thursday) Biodiversity conservation projects with the local NGO GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center, complete projects on the Son Tra Peninsula designed to support critical habitat for the gray shanked douc langur.

FieldWork participants will work GreenViet leaders and staff to learn about how this great NGO works in Vietnam, relationship with government and developers, funding challenges, and look for opportunities to take action back in the USA to support their mission in the future.


July 6 (Friday) Site visit to aquaculture fish farming facility followed by visit to traditional fishing community.

July 7 (Saturday) Transfer to Hoi An and community orientation and exploration.

July 8 (Sunday) More activities in Hoi An visit to market and ancient city

vietnam fish farm.jpg
hoi-an.jpg river boats.jpg

July 9 (Monday) Work on sustainable development projects in Hoi An led by Action for the City, a local NGO focused on creating sustainable cities in Vietnam


July 10 and 11 (Tuesday and Wednesday) Departure for Cu Lao Cham island Warm up and settle into Homestay Talk with local expert and learn how to manage “zero nylon” in Cu Lao Cham island. Coral reef exploration with Marine Biologist. Environmental Survey with local residents.

cham snorkel.jpg

July 12 (Thursday) Return to University of Danang for final presentation and project completion Farewell party (outdoor BBQ)

July 13 (Friday) Transfer to Danang Airport 2 hours before flight, or continued independent travel.

Project Service Fee

The Project Service Fee of $2,688.00 per person is based on two-weeks, and includes all food, lodging, in country transportation, full-time volunteer coordinator, project materials, liability insurance, educational/recreational activity, and 1 academic credit at the University of Danang. Project Service Fee does not include flights to and from Vietnam.