Since 2002, Community Collaborations International (CC International) has responded to major US natural disasters by organizing teams of college and university volunteers from across the country. Over 12000 volunteers from over 150 colleges and universities have provided thousands of hours of service to communities in need.

Our Mission

CC International places volunteers where they are needed most and gets the most value out of each volunteer hour through effective management and comprehensive logistical support.

CCI brought over 1000 volunteers to Hancock County, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Their efforts were well organized and effective in delivering relief to our residents. We appreciate CCI’s assistance.
— Joe Williams, Hancock County Emergency Operations Center
I was very impressed by your extremely effective and well- organized program’s ability to maximize the efforts of an array of different groups to make real progress in the area.
— Kevin Sinusas University of Virginia Alt Break Volunteer Team Leader

We have received awards and recognition from The American Red Cross (Outstanding Group Award), Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour (Special Recognition for Distinguished Accomplishments), Atlanta City Council (Proclamation for Volunteer Service), City of Valparaiso (Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Efforts), Newman’s Own Foundation (Collegiate Partnership Award) and others.

In past years, we have focused on Bay St Louis, Mississippi and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; Galveston, Texas after Hurricane Ike; Atlanta, Georgia after historic flooding; Pensacola, Florida after the Gulf Oil Spill; Tuscaloosa, Alabama after devastating tornados; the coast of New Jersey cleaning up after Super Storm Sandy, we helped Colorado communities after severe flooding, we were in South Carolina helping flood victims , last year we were in Baton Rouge and this year we will deploy volunteers responding to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

The Problem

These volunteers need a place to stay. Lodging is at a premium in disaster impacted areas are already stressed trying to find places for displaced residents.

The Solution

These catastrophic events are predictable and frequent. Our experience has taught us that people all over the country want to help those impacted and are willing to travel thousands of miles to do so.  Volunteer teams are organized by universities, colleges, labor unions, churches, fraternities, etc. all with the goal of lending a hand in the clean-up and recovery.

The proposed mobile Volunteer Village will provide volunteers with food, lodging, and project coordination without adding an additional burden to struggling communities.  The Village could be set up quickly anywhere there is an open space and access to electricity.

The Volunteer Village will be open to all volunteers responding to the disaster. Volunteers come with a variety of skills and abilities. Housing one hundred volunteers in one location will allow for collaboration that leads to effective volunteer deployment. For example, during our Katrina Response our college volunteers were lodged in a large camp along with church groups and others. Although few of the college volunteers had construction skills they were effective when we matched them with skilled tradesmen from other groups.

An investment in these villages is an investment not only in the recovery from our current disasters but is a readiness tool for future disasters.






Volunteer Village “A place to stand” (and eat, sleep, get tools and stuff)


Goals of Volunteer Village:

  • Create Mobile Volunteer Village capable of supporting 100 volunteers with food, lodging, and project coordination.

  • Villages can be staged at any large parking lot with access to water and power.

  • Villages will be created using converted 53 ft semi-trailer dry vans. (Dry vans are readily available and easy to move and have been converted into bunkhouse, kitchen, and shower units for construction sites for years)




This village can be built for about $155,000.00 using used dry van units and volunteer labor.


Sponsorship Options:


$155,000.00 Entire Village


$35,000.00 Bathroom and Shower Unit


$35,000.00 Kitchen and Food Storage Unit


$15,000.00 Bunkhouse Unit (4 units)


$15,000.00 Tool and Safety Equipment Unit  


$5000.00 Hire drivers to move vans into location


Donate a used 53ft Dry Van, RV, or Construction site office trailer


We need four of these villages yesterday!!

Be part of the solution that assures we will have them ready for whatever comes tomorrow!


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